Project Description

Low decibel hand dryers

Voltage: 220-240V/ 110V
Material: ABS
Motor Type: Brush or Brushless
Frequency: 50Hz/60Hz
Noise: 78dbs
Air speed: 80-95m/s(adjustable)
Color: White or custom made color
Power: Hot air(1800-2000W),cold air(1000-1200W)
Water Splash Proof: IPX4
Lock time: 30s
Product size: 565*297*177mm
Carton size(1pcs/ctn): 605*350*240mm
G.W./N.W. : 8.8(8)/8.3(7.3)kg


The PW-7-2 hand dryer uses sensors to detect your hands, eliminating the need for unsanitary buttons. It is designed to withstand vandals and can operate at 220 volts.

Its noise level is 78 decibels, which is not the quietest hand dryer on the market, but it produces much lower noise than many competing products. This product is ideal for high flow areas and can be installed anywhere.

As we know. Manufacturers do not have standardized tests that must be followed, so some metrics are 1 meter, some are 2 meters, and some do not even disclose how they are measured. The decibel level is a very unreliable guide for explainers. The noise level varies depending on the sound at its location, and most manufacturers’ tests are performed in an echoless (soundproof room), so no additional noise is generated. In practical use, any sound of approximately 68-78 dB (A) represents a low-decibel hand dryer.

This product is produced by a company dedicated to creating Power. PW-7-2 can work normally in airports, offices, schools and retail centers. If you are concerned about speed and noise, then this product is worth considering.


  • Our low decibel hand dryers brushless/Brushed motor for choice
  • Antimicrobial ABS plastic shell
  • Spraying clean available
  • HEPA filter with an efficiency of 99.9%
  • High speed motor with 7-10s drying time


1.The hand drying area, draintank, and even drain hose have all been antimicrobial treated for better sanitation, the nonflammable material avoid any accidents
2.Strong protection system
* Lock time:30s
* Current protection
* Temperature protection
* Short circuits protection
* Electromotor protection
3. Heating type
Resistanie wire(heating when temperature<=20°C)
4. Adjustable control system


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