Project Description

Touchless hand dryer

Voltage: 220-240V AC 50/60Hz
Rated Power: Hot air(1800-2000W),cold air(1000-1200W)
Motor Type: Brush or Brushless
Water Splash Proof: IPX4
Air Speed: 80-95m/s(adjustable)
Noise dbs: 78 dbs
Material: ABS
Lock time : 25s
Product size: 565*297*1770mm
Carton size(1pcs/ctn): 605*350*240mm
G.W./N.W. : 8.7(8)/6.9(6.2)kg


Non-contact operation

The infrared proximity sensor automatically turns the device on and off. Place your hand in the groove in the middle of the machine and the blower and heating element are activated. Let go of your hand and the dryer stops, and it consumes the least amount of power compared to a device that runs at a scheduled time. This saves energy and reduces operating costs!

Fast dry hands

Every time you carefully choose the temperature and wind speed, your hands will dry up!

Beautiful design

Made of stainless steel, fire and corrosion resistant, can be placed directly on the ground for easy management

Quiet, trouble-free operation

The noise of pw-70-4 is only 78 dB, making it one of the very quiet hand dryers on the market. Our hand dryers have both brushless and brushed motors and have a long service life.

Make environmentally sound decisions

Touchless hand dryer make environmental decisions to save trees and energy while eliminating the mess of paper towels in the bathroom.

Dry phones make good business sense and pay for itself within months. Eliminate the cost of purchasing and replenishing paper towels and reduce waste removal costs.


1.Antimicrobial & Nonflammable ABS
2. The hand drying area, drain tank, and even drain hose have all been antimicrobial treated for better sanitation, the nonflammable material avoid any accidents

3.Strong protection system
* Lock time:25s
* Current protection
* Temperature protection
* Short circuits protection
* Electromotor protection
4. Heating type
Resistanie wire
(heating when temperature ≤20℃)

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