Project Description

Ada compliant hand dryer—-PW-250A

Voltage: 110-220V, 50/60Hz
Rated Power: 2,500 W
Current: 11.50A
Water Splash Proof: : 1PX1
Blowing Volume: 270m3/h
Air Speed: 30m/S
Dimension: 564 x 315 x380mm
Unit Weight: 5.50Kgs
Package (4pcs): 22.00kgs

Popular science:

According to the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), several requirements for the selection and installation of hand dryers are listed. Fortunately, these rules are very simple and clear. This is a breakdown of what they say:

The Ada compliant hand dryer should be able to be operated with one hand and its power should not exceed five pounds.
Their color should protrude from the wall so that the visually impaired can easily see them.
If there is only one dryer, the start button should be located 38 to 40 inches above the floor.
If there are two or more ADA hand dryers, one of the activation buttons should be located 38 to 40 inches above the floor, and the other activation button should be located between 40 and 48 inches from the floor. with
The floor in front of the dryer should have at least 30 by 48 inches of free space to accommodate wheelchairs. For people in wheelchairs, the dryer should be easily accessible from the left and right sides. If there are two or more dryers, the wheelchair should be used alternately from the left and right sides of the wheelchair.

Selling point

  1. Featured with Digit circuit, Infrared sensor and good interference resistant capacity.
  2. The base and outlet are made by Aluminium-alloy, Stainless Steel with Satin, Polishing, Print White finish casing, artistic and durable, Well fireproof function.
  3. Big blowing volume, powerful blowing rate(10-15 seconds dry-hand time), dry quickly and saving half of time than the general one.


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