Project Description

Airstream Pure Hand Dryer—-PW-250B

Voltage: 110-220V, 50/60Hz
Rated Power: 2,500 W
Current: 11.50A
Water Splash Proof: 1PX1
Blowing Volume: 270m3/h
Air Speed: 30m/S
Dimension: 560 x 328 x500mm
Unit Weight: 6.25Kgs
Package: 4 pcs/ctn
Approval: CE,ROHS

Airstream Pure Hand Dryer

Durable and vandal-proof
The durable structure can withstand damage and years of use.

Universal nozzle (fixed or rotating)
Universal nozzle with fixed or rotating options, drying time is 30 seconds.

Silent operation
Quiet operation will be performed at a lower sound level.

Selling point

  • Featured with Digit circuit, Infrared sensor and good interference resistant capacity.
  • The base and outlet are made by Aluminium-alloy, Stainless Steel with Satin, Polishing, Print White finish casing, artistic and durable, Well fireproof function.
  • The outlet can be Revolve with 360°for different locations. It is suitable for hands, hair and face.
  • Big blowing volume, powerful blowing rate(10-15 seconds dry-hand time), dry quickly and saving half of time than the general one.
  • It’s ply is 2mm.

Restroom management

When installing the high-speed hand dryer in the toilet, there are:

  • No need to replenish tissue box
  • Not running out of tissues
  • No need to reorder or store fresh tissues
  • There is no trash can to empty
  • This reduces the personnel costs involved in maintaining high-quality toilet standards.

Toilets with paper towels need to collect waste regularly to avoid overflowing waste containers.

Intentional saboteurs often use waste paper towels to cause blockages in toilets and sinks and littered toilet areas, so installing a hand dryer can reduce the risk of such sabotage and save related piping costs.

Carbon Footprint

In addition to the issues related to waste disposal, the use of paper towels in toilets requires continuous restocking, which involves transportation, which in turn increases the carbon footprint associated with the use of paper towels.

If all the environmental costs of manufacturing paper towels or electric hand dryers are converted to greenhouse gas emissions, thereby capturing heat into the atmosphere, states that the carbon footprint of paper towels is 56g of greenhouse gas emissions, while hand dryers It is responsible for 9g to 40G greenhouse gas emissions.


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