Project Description

High speed hand dryer

Voltage: 200 – 240VAC
Rated Power: 1150W
Motor Type: BLDCM Brushless Hall Motor
Motor Speed/Power: 17500rpm/350W
Operating Temperature: 0-40℃(32-104℉)
Heater Type/Power: Resistance Wire /800W((heating when temperature ≤25℃)
Stand-by Power : <1W
Electrical Level: I
Product size: 256*213*158mm
Operation mode: Infrared sensing , sensing distance 9-15m
Drying time: 10-15s
Lock time: 25s
Wind speed/air volume: 70m/s/220CMH (132CFM)
Surface finish: Stain yogonbright(chosed by customer), customized color pc anti-fingerprints finish
Cleaning: Mild detergent AVALABLE


  • Brushless Motor with 6 years warranty
  • High Speed Motor with 10-15s drying time
  • CR4305 leakproofness makes Mild Detergent cleaning AVAILABLE
  • Negative-ion Generator with 15000000 (c. c. ); Applicable area:11-20m2
  • High quality HEPA Filter with an efficiency of 99.50%


  • Material:AISI 304 (Shell) /FlameresistantABS (inner structure)
  • Leakproofness:CR4305
  • Mounting Bracket&Srcew:AISI 304 (Rust-Proof)
  • Filter: HEPA Filter


  • Operation mode: Infrared sensing, sensing distance 9-15cm
  • Drying time: 10-15s
  • Lock time: 25s
  • Wind Speed/ Air volume: 70m/s /220CMH (132CFM)


  • Surface Finish: Satin、 Yogon、Bright (chosed by customer), Customized Color PC Anti-Fingerprints finish
  • Cleaning: Mild Datergent AVAILABLE


High speed hand dryer is the opposite of conventional hand dryers. These models use fast motors to generate high-speed hot air to evaporate the water in your hands. Thanks to the high-speed air, the work is done without much heat. It can dry your hands in 10 to 30 seconds, almost destroying running costs. That’s why these types become popular.

The hand dryer comes with a one-piece white reinforced thermosetting polymer cover to prevent rust, wear and damage.So you can use it anywhere without worrying about rust and other issues. Its function is very quiet.Its impact on the environment is small. It has 62% less carbon dioxide than paper towels. After washing your hands, you don’t want the bacteria to grow by drying.

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