Project Description

High velocity hand dryer—-PW-250C

Voltage: 110-220V, 50/60Hz,
Rated Power: 2,500 W
Current: 11.50A
Water Splash Proof: 1PX1
Blowing Volume: 270m3/h
Air Speed: 30m/S
Dimension: 560 x 328 x500mm
Unit Weight: 6.25Kgs
Package: 4 pcs/ctn
Approval: CE ,ROHS


The PW-250C High velocity hand dryer is a “standard” hand dryer with a long motor life. Standard hand dryer toilet solution for all high flow applications.

  • Choose between surface mount or groove mounting
  • Automatic or button operation
  • Excited by electromechanical timer with 25 Amp switch
  • Equipped with 2500-watt nickel-chromium alloy wire heating element. Protected by automatic reset, thermal protection function
  • Increase the temperature by 70°F
  • 200 CFM air flow at 7,300 LFM
  • Wall-mounted base made of die-cast aluminum
  • Nozzle is made of die-cast zinc alloy with bright chrome plating

Selling point

  • Automatic and manual available
  • New and unique design
  • Digital circuit, infrared sensor with good anti-interference ability
  • Long lifespan motor, big air volume, 10-15 seconds hand-dry time
  • Durable, crash-proof and energy saving
  • 3600 revolving nozzle
  • 35 seconds every press

The manufacture of paper towels has a huge impact on the environment.

Per ton of tissue:

7000 gallons of water are contaminated
Cut down 17 adult trees
Burned 464 gallons of oil
Burned 42 gallons of gasoline.
(Madsen 2007 Report-Life Cycle Assessment of Tissue Products).

The use of paper towels means that a large amount of waste is generated, which also has an impact on the environment, because most waste is not biodegradable and needs to be landfilled or incinerated.

High-speed hand dryers have much less environmental impact than paper towels.

save costs
With fast drying time and high-speed energy-saving motor, high-speed hand dryer can achieve
95% cheaper than using paper towels and 70% cheaper than traditional hand dryers

Calculated by drying 1000 times at a power of 10p per kWh


Because news often spreads highly contagious infections (such as E. coli), hygiene is a top priority for facility managers, so non-contact toilet installations are an essential requirement. High-speed hand dryer

When people touch toilets and urinals, there is a high risk of cross-contamination. Cranks, buttons or any type of manual operation on paper towel dispensers and hand dryers can also spread bacteria.

Non-contact High velocity hand dryer can help reduce this cross-contamination and also avoid contaminated waste from used tissues.


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