Project Description

Hotel hand dryer—pw-250


Voltage 220-240V, 5060Hz
Rated Power 2500 W
Current 11.50A
Water Splash Proof 1PX1
Motor type Carbon brushed
Air Speed 30mS
Product size 270240200mm
Unit Weight 6.30Kgs
Package (4pcs) 25.00kgs
Heater Type Resistance wire
Stand-by power consumption =2W
Electrical level Class 1
Drying time 10-15s
Blowing volume 270m3h
Operation mode Activation by infra-red(touch free) sensor, sensing distance 9-13cm


Hotel hand dryer is made of high-quality materials, with corrosion resistance and long service life.
No more than 500,000 laboratory tests.

Elegant design
With a modern and stylish design, the perfect combination of drying, efficiency and stylish bathroom accessories is finally here!
Not to mention how much you will save when you no longer use tissues!
Compared with paper towels, it can save 95% of the cost.

Designed to fit almost any bathroom space, the impressive 95m/s high-speed wind speed dries your hands in 5 to 7 seconds (half the time of an ordinary hand dryer), saving 60% more energy than ordinary hand dryers. Its 2500-watt power can dry hands very quickly. The hotel hand dryer is also easy to install, which can help save electricity. The low noise of 75-80db and a sensitive sensing system are your preferred hand dryers.

main feature

Strong air and fast heating

-Easy to install

Low noise, low energy consumption

Sensitive intelligent sensing system

Our selling points

  • Digital circuit, infrared sensor with great anti-interfere ability.
  • Powerful air speed,10-15 seconds dry-hand time,twice.
  • Faster than others *Long-life motor,big energy saver.
  • Stainless steel with satin finish,durable and vandal resistance.
  • 360 degree revolving nozzle
  • Its ply is 2mm


hair dryer hand

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