Project Description

Automatic sensor soap dispenser—–PW-ML

Volume: 480ml
Product size: W140x78xH250mm
Material: aluminium alloy
Surface: grit blast
Thickness: 3mm

New design Automatic Soap dispense with a LCD Display

  • Time
  • Temperature
  • Battery Level


Safe and fast soap dispenser

No need to touch the soap dispenser, just put your hand under the sensor. The sensitive infrared sensor will detect your hand within 0.2 seconds and automatically dispense soap to help your family stay away from bacteria and maintain a healthy life.

Touch LCD

There is a unique LCD screen on the top of the automatic soap dispenser for displaying soap mode and battery level. Press and hold the power switch for 3 seconds to turn on / off the power, and then single press to switch between high / low soap mode, which can better meet your requirements. Powered by 4 AA batteries (not included).

500ml large capacity

Automatic sensor soap dispenser has 500ml large capacity, you do not need to replenish regularly. With visible volume, you only need to check. Very suitable for kitchen and bathroom.

Applicable to all hand sanitizers

Non-contact soap dispensers are compatible with most liquid soaps, such as hand sanitizers, disinfectants and body lotions. Foam hand sanitizer can be loaded into an automatic soap dispenser and used directly. Ordinary non-foaming hand sanitizer needs to be diluted with water before use. The dilution ratio is 1: 3 (hand sanitizer: water). Shake the bottle to mix, then finish.

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