Project Description

Automatic touchless soap dispenser

Volume: 500ml
Product size: W140x77xH227mm
Material: aluminium alloy
Surface: grit blast
Thickness: 3mm

New design Automatic Soap dispense with a LCD Display

  • Time
  • Temperature
  • Battery Level

Why use foam soap?

Because foam soap is more economical, many schools, universities, and public toilets have switched to foam soap dispensers by replacing all ordinary soap dispensers due to their hygienic, touch-free, and easy-to-clean properties. This resource will give you more information about manual foam soap dispensers. Foam soap dispensers are becoming more popular among users due to their hands-free touch. These soaps are more hygienic and can be easily cleaned with a single click of the nozzle, so many people want to use foam dispensers in public toilets.


1. Insert 4 new AAA batteries into the back compartment.
2. Open the back to unlock it.
3. Use a free funnel to easily pour soap or disinfectant into the dispenser. (It is best not to use foam soap.)
Hold the top cover tightly.
4. Press the power (+) button for 3 seconds to turn on the power, and press the “+” key for 3 seconds to turn off.
5. Press and hold “-” for 5 seconds to empty the container
6. Now you can put your hand under the sensor to enjoy it.
? Note:

1. Do not clean the automatic touchless soap dispenser. Wipe clean with a damp cloth.
2. Keep the bottom of the automatic soap dispenser dry. Do not immerse it in water to avoid long-term corrosion and damage to the equipment.
. 3. Keep the surface of the automatic soap dispenser clean. Use a mop to wipe your body regularly to avoid long-term corrosion of the equipment.
4. If pouring a thick liquid, add appropriate dilution water to ensure proper drainage.
5. Please keep 2 smart infrared motion sensors clean!
6. Avoid direct sunlight on the infrared panel.


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