Project Description

Stainless automatic soap dispenser

Volume: 480ml,refillable
Product size: 166 x 140 x 78mm
Material:Top aluminium alloy+Plastic
Power:4pcs AA alkaline battery
Surface: grit blast
Thickness: 3mm

New design Automatic Soap dispense with a LCD Display

  • Time
  • Temperature
  • Battery Level


When battery power ≤ 10%,the power indictor on screen will shine red with sound warning

When liquid ≤ 10%,the liquid indictor on screen will shine red with sound warning

Without power supply,the machine is with memory fuction for the time within 45 days.

Machine Power ON/OFF

Press”+” for 3s to power on,press +for 3s to power off

Press “-” for 5s to empty the container

In the process,touch any button,it will stop.

In the process,any other functions will stopped automatically.


Stainless automatic soap dispenser, also known as stainless steel automatic soap dispenser, is a sanitary appliance that automatically applies soap liquid when washing hands to avoid secondary pollution.It is a device that automatically supplies soap liquid by using human body induction. The signal generated by the sensor with the lens and the pyroelectric tube is amplified and compared by the electronic circuit to output a switching signal to drive a DC motor to drive the speed reduction mechanism to rotate. The connecting rod of the deceleration mechanism pushes the piston to squeeze out the soap liquid.


1. Hygiene: Avoid contact and effectively prevent bacterial cross infection.
2, Appearance: The stainless steel shell is sturdy and practical, luxurious and beautiful.
3, Design: New design with LCD screen, easier to operate; Fully sealed electronic part design, waterproof and splashproof.
4, installation: easy to install and use, suitable for hotels, hotels, office buildings, schools, factories, gas stations, airports, stations, hospitals, public toilets and other public places.
5. Performance: It can intelligently adjust the sensing distance according to the scene conditions.
6. Liquid volume: Adjustable liquid volume, which can be set according to the needs of use.

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