What is soap dispenser?

Manual soap dispensers

The design of a manual soap dispenser usually depends on whether the soap is in liquid, powder or foam form.

Automatic soap dispensers

Automatic soap dispensers are especially hands-free soaps (liquid soaps and foam soaps), but are often used for other liquids, such as hand soap, shampoo or hand soap. Automatic dispensers are usually battery-powered. The non-contact design dispenses liquid when the sensor detects motion below the nozzle. The electronic parts of the automatic soap dispenser allow a timing device or signal (sound, light, etc.) that can indicate to the user whether they have washed their hands correctly.


Why choose us?

Stay healthy

People are now paying more attention to health and hygiene issues. Our soap dispenser can squeeze out the soap more healthily, eliminating the possibility of cross infection, which is more in line with the pursuit of people in the new century.

Easy to use

the liquid can be added regularly at any time, which is easy to disassemble, easy to operate and easy to maintain later.The soap we load in the soap dispenser creates a thick cleansing foam, but does not leave any residual residue on the sink afterwards, so it is a better choice for everyone.

reduce waste

Hand sanitizer is not wasted, so there must be less waste in hand sanitizer and water. It should not be obvious in places with low traffic, but in washrooms with high traffic, reducing waste will be obvious. Similarly, reducing the waste of such consumables and reducing the cost of washing can help build a more sustainable society.

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